Americans love swimming pools, and if you’re one of the 8 million people in the country who own one, you’ll likely be constantly on the lookout for different ways to make maintenance easier.

Water often affects the area around your pool, as natural grass becomes muddy and paving stones or tiles turn slippery. If you haven’t yet considered artificial turf for your pool area, now is the time to do so.

Keep Pool Users Safe

Whether it’s you or your children you’re worried about, keeping those playing around the pool safe should be a priority. Avoiding slips and falls is important, so a pool area that reacts negatively with water isn’t the most sensible choice.

Artificial turf can be laid with shock absorbent material beneath it, which means if any falls do occur the risk of injury will be reduced. Plus, the grass itself is soft, unlike an unforgiving wooden or stone surface. If little feet do slip, the blades won’t cause abrasions or scrapes, and bumps will be kept to a minimum.

Design it Your Way

Many hard surface pool area look imposing in a normal family garden, whereas artificial turf has a more natural and friendly feel. However, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t blend the two.

Many families choose to lay paving stones and place artificial turf between them, and this can be done to suit any aesthetic. Ask your supplier for help in mixing other materials with artificial turf to create the design you love.

Make Pool Area Maintenance Easy

Artificial turf is very easy for busy families to maintain. As it doesn’t turn to mud when mixed with water, you won’t need to worry about being careful when splashing around.

A task which can often get tiring is fishing chunks of grass out of the pool. When your children are kicking a ball around, or pets get excited, pieces of natural turf could end up flying around your backyard and landing in the pool. As artificial grass doesn’t break apart in this way you won’t need to think about this any more. Plus, artificial turf will never grow longer or need weeding, so you can get on with enjoying playtime with your family and forget about time consuming gardening.

If you’d like artificial turf as your new pool area, contact a trusted supplier to discuss how you can best fit it into your space.


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